Bouncing Mad offers a Free site suitability check, if you are unsure about the site you require us to put an inflatable on then simply give us a call on 07792038136 or message us through our online contact form  and we will be happy to help.

At Bouncing Mad we pride ourselves not only on the great range, cleanliness, customer service, value for money and quality of our inflatables but also on the safety of our hirers. We will never set up an inflatable that we cannot secure to the ground in a safe manner. I’m sure you have all heard of horror stories of inflatables being blown away. Well there is a simple reason for this, that they were not properly secured. We don’t want to scare you into thinking that inflatables are unsafe as this isn’t a true reflection. When they are set up correctly they are extremely safe and great entertainment for children and adults alike. Below we have listed our methods of anchorage and suitable surfaces so you are fully aware of how we operate and can be safe in the knowledge that your days going to run as smooth and safely as possible. And for that added piece of mind all of our equipment has full public liability cover.


Types of anchorage

bulletGround Pegs –   For use on Grass

bulletSand bags –   For use indoors/some outdoor hard surface

bulletFixed objects –  For use indoors/outdoors

Examples = Fence posts, trees, bike security rings

bulletDrill and Bolt system –  For use outdoors on Hard standing


Explanation of drill and bolt system + short video

We understand that some people may be put off at the thought of us drilling into their garden/car park/driveway etc. However there really isn’t anything to worry about and this system is proven to be the safest way to secure any inflatable which is why Bouncing Mad has introduced this method.

We drill a 10mm hole (about the size of a 5p) at each anchor point. We then bolt a D-Ring tie down directly to the ground which we can secure the inflatable to. At the end of the hire we remove the bolt and D-Ring and fill the hole using the hole debris and a clear resin leaving you with a seamless finish to your existing surface. This system takes less time to set up than the conventional sand bag option and provides almost 4x the pressure ensuring that the inflatable can be safely used.



Types of surface




We use large ground pegs that secure the inflatable to the ground. If the ground is extremely soft/boggy this can be an issue as the pegs could come loose in extreme cases. If you are unsure please give us a call on 07792038136 to discuss other options or book a site suitability check.




We use Sandbags to secure the inflatable doesn’t move around whilst in use.




We mainly use the Drill and Bolt system. However we can use fixed objects as well provided they are suitable.




Firstly castles cannot be set up on sharp pebbles/gravel as this will damage the inflatable. Secondly depending on the ground under the pebbles we would use either ground anchors or the drill and bolt system. Before booking a castle to go on pebbles please contact us so we can check suitability and ensure we have the correct equipment needed on the day of set up.


Patio/Block paving


Only suitable where there are secure fixed objects to anchor to on both sides and the rear of the castle. Patio/block paving must be flat and of smooth surface. We are unable to set up on broken paving.


Where we can’t set up

bulletRough uneven surfaces e.g broken patios/concrete.

bulletOver steps

bulletBroken glass/screws/nails/bark/fire debris (basically anything sharp)

bulletWe cannot block access to other people’s properties or any fire exits etc.

bulletOver any sort of flowing water e.g Streams, rivers

(Yes that has been requested before!)


**Please be aware we will not set up on animal foul, please ensure that the area the castle is to be put up on is as clean as possible and clear from obstructions**


Bouncing Mad offers a Free site suitability check, if you are unsure about the site you require us to put an inflatable on then simply give us a call on 07792038136 or message us through our online contact form and we will be happy to help.