How we work/important info/FAQ’s

We believe that being as open and honest as possible with our customers is the best way to operate. That’s why we have put together a guide detailing how we operate, please have a read through and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us


When booking your inflatable(s) you have the option to select ‘standard’ or ‘other’ for delivery/collection.
Our standard times for delivery are 7am-11:45am and 5pm-8pm for collection.
The time your inflatable is delivered/collected is based on where we can fit you into a route and not the amount of hours you have had the inflatable for.

We understand that not all parties and events will be able to accept delivery/collection at our standard times. If our standard times aren’t suitable for you then please click the ‘other’ option on the booking page and request your desired times using the ‘comments’ section at the bottom of the booking page and 1 of the team will contact you to confirm that we can meet the requirements. This is to ensure that we can meet your specified times ensuring that we never turn up late to deliver or collect your inflatable.

Please note that 8pm is our latest collection time, for collections later than 8pm the inflatable will need to be hired overnight, please see our overnight hires section for more info and our terms and conditions for overnight hires.


When booking online you have the option to pay on the day by cash or cheque, simply click the ‘pay on the day’ option. When making payments on the day please make sure you have the funds available at the time of delivery, no inflatables will be left on site without full payment.
Or you have the option to pay in full online, simply click the ‘pay online’ option. Once we have received and confirmed your booking request you will receive an automatic confirmation email (please also check spam folder for this) which will direct you to a secure payment gateway where you are able to make payment in full online.

Bad weather cancellation

We always aim to be as fair as possible. That’s why we introduced the free bad weather cancellation policy. How it works – If on the day of the hire you/we have to cancel due to poor weather making the hire unsuitable/unsafe you will not be charged for the booking. If you have paid online then you will be given the option to transfer the hire date (availabilty depending) or receive a refund minus the transaction fee of roughly 3% which works out at roughly £1.50 for every £50 spent.

Suitable sites

Suitable sites must be level ground with no obstructions, ideally on grass however some hard standing surfaces are possible please see our surfaces/anchorage page.
Please ensure that there is a minimum of 4ft width and 6ft in length additional to the size of the inflatable booked, The Mad dash 60ft Assault course requires a minimum total area of 35ft by 75ft.

We are not able to put inflatables on any animal foul, sharp objects, rough ground (including fire pits) , bodies of water e.g ponds/streams/rivers/swimming pools and the site and access to the site must be clear of any and all obstructions prior to delivery, this includes washing lines/overhead power cables.

Please be aware that if we arrive on site and we are unable to set up due to the reasons listed above NO REFUNDS will be issued and/or any outstanding balance must be paid for in full.

Power supply – Mains socket or Generator

Your inflatable will need a constant power supply. This can be either from a standard 3 pin plug socket using of our upto 50 meter extension cables that run around the perimeter of your garden/venue (not over walkways or where it is likely to be a trip hazard) This option is included in the hire price.

If the inflatable is not within a suitable distance of a standard plug socket then a generator will need to be hired alongside the inflatable. Our generators are charged at £30 per day which includes 6hrs of fuel (petrol). Please note the Mad Dash 60ft assault course requires 2x generators.

Overnight hires

For overnight hires the area intended for the inflatable must be secure with fencing/large walls, locked gates and not accesible in any way by ‘uninvited visitors’ from the outside. Having CCTV alone of the site although being a diterant is not adequate.

If we arrive to set up an overnight hire and the site is not suitable we will not be able to leave the inflatable overnight and we will collect that evening within our standard collection hours please see delivery/collection NO REFUNDS will be given for the second day, however where possible we will arrange to re deliver the inflatable the next day within our standard delivery/collection times at a cost of our full day rate, minus the discounted day rate already paid. Any/all remaining balances need to be paid for in full on day 1 of the hire on delivery.